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Listed below are a sample of our most popular trainings.  We can customize training to meet your needs. Trainings are held at times convenient to parents and professionals, including evenings and weekends in community locations throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties.


Special Ed "101"

This interactive workshop will enhance your understanding of how to advocate for your child. You will learn about your rights and roles in the education process and strategies to obtain the services your child needs while building strong relationships with professionals. 


The Exceptional Child

This workshop provides an overview of the special education process, the development of individualized education programs (IEP), and models of inclusive educational placements.  Strategies for identifying your child’s strengths and weaknesses and the importance of family involvement in our educational systems will be presented, as research shows,  children are far more successful when parents are involved in their education. 


Disability Awareness and Diversity in Our Schools

This workshop is geared for groups in our community interested in the overall inclusion of individuals with disabilities. Strategies for building relationships and overcoming obstacles will be presented. 


IDEA - Learn the Basics

This workshop will provide an overview of the most current regulations and how special education services can be appropriately implemented within your child’s program. 


Creating Agreement

This interactive workshop will explore strategies for preventing and responding to conflict. Attention will be devoted to the importance of listening and uncovering the underlying interests that contribute to the positions of parents and educators involved in the IEP process. Suggestions will be offered for committees on special education (CSE) and committees on preschool special education (CPSE) that encourage collaboration and the meaningful engagement of educators, students, and their families. 


Transition: Moving On to Post Secondary Options 

This workshop focuses on what is needed to ensure smooth transitions from one level of education to the next; it is outcome and goal focused. Ultimately, transition programs should be geared toward moving a student from the world of educational supports into independent, successful adult experiences. The concept of self-determination will be discussed and resources for adult programs will be shared.  


RTI - Response to Intervention - What Parents Need To Know

RTI is a data based process that identifies general education students who are struggling providing them with systematic instruction to close achievement gaps. This workshop provides a general overview of the concept of RTI and corresponding research based programs that lead to student success.


Effective Communication Between Educators and Families is the Key to Success

This workshop focuses on strategies for families, educators, and administrators interested in working together. The importance of incorporating both parent and school perspectives in the process of effective decision making will be discussed.


How to Prepare for your CPSE/CSE Meeting

At this workshop, we will share tips for preparing for your child’s CPSE/CSE meeting. We will discuss the purpose of the meeting, roles of the attendees, important documentation you should have, and strategies for reviewing goals and objectives as well as suggestions for following up with members of the team. We will demonstrate ways to collaborate and effectively communicate with professionals on your child’s team to ensure your child’s success.


Effective Educational Teams Around the New IEP

This interactive and outcome focused training identifies key aspects of collaboration and effective communication.  It  focuses on essential elements of team building and the evidence based concept of educational communities of practice.  The importance of incorporating  family and professional perspectives in the process of effective decision making will be discussed.  Strategies to build and sustain effective and meaningful educational teams while developing the individual education plan (IEP) will be shared.


Parent Member Training

The training of the parent member on the CPSE/CSE helps to ensure that she/he is effective in that role. This training is designed to assist parent members to build their base of knowledge about the committee process and to successfully fulfill their responsibilities as defined by NY State regulations. The target audience is current or soon-to-be parent members of the CPSE/CSE. NYSED recommends that, if possible, the chairperson of the CPSE/CSE with whom the parent member will work, attend as well. This training is done in conjunction with the Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Center.


Educating Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings

This presentation will provide participants with a rationale for inclusive educational placements as well as an overview of benefits associated with inclusive programming. Strategies for navigating  existing systems in pursuit of inclusive opportunities will be provided as well as an overview of strategies that lead to successful educational experiences.


AT in the IEP

This workshop explores what “AT” assistive technology is and provides an overview of the role that AT can play in a student’s “IEP” Individualized Educational Plan. We will examine what questions should be considered in the assessment process. Resources will be provided to assist participants in furthering their understanding of AT. Examples of AT will be shared and demonstrated.


FBAs and BIPs - What Parents Need to Know!

This workshop will begin with an overview of the functional behavior assessment process.  Participants will then be provided with an overview of the three tiers of intervention within a positive behavior support model.  Participants will also be provided with strategies for collaborating with school staff on developing and implementing positive behavior support plans.

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